Phase Gradient Sounding
Modern way of geological exploration research
The Case
Current problems of geological exploration surveys:

• Inaccuracy of current exploration methods
• The complexity of the interpretation of the data
• Duration and high cost analysis by analogues
• Harmful effects of seismic measurements
Phase Gradient Sounding
Comparison between magnetotelluric sounding (MTS) and our method (PGS).
Instead of 9 points from 9 stations (MTS method) our method gives 84 points per measurement.
Instead of 9 points (MTS method) our method gives 84 points per measurement
More points per measure provides the opportunity to make less measurements
Less measurements means less operation of geologists group.
Fuller data
Higher speed
Lower costs
Exploration analysis has never been so accurate and
user friendly
Analysis preparation, location search.
Field research: installation of detecting
devices, phase gradient sounding.
Data processing via artificial intelligence software.
Forming a report.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
How we work
Our Vision

- Now
Our method is using an actual leading method and develops it. Our goal is to replace the MTS to PGS method.

- In 1 year
Patent process. Finishing tests in Helsinki, getting a first proven successful case.
Getting funded - est. 1 million $.

- In 5 years
Cooperation with leading mining companies.

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